Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Forever Journey Month 1

I went to the GP today and the scales I weighed in on initially were missing. Nowhere to be found. So I stepped on the scales they had and .....116.5 kilos. I've lost a pound. In a month.

This has happened to me before if I just watch what I eat and don't exercise my weight loss is much better. Underneath this layer of fat I am built like a shot putter, strong big muscles.

I look considerably smaller. People who don't know I am trying to lose weight have asked me if I've lost weight. My health and well being are much improved. And bizarrely without trying I have stopped biting my nails and they are really strong! So I know I am doing things right to an extent.

However I still need to make improvements. Please if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook NAG ME to drink water. I am not drinking enough at all and I know I'm not. On the plus side I haven't had anything naughty to drink, no diet drinks, no sugary drinks, no juice, just not enough water.

My diet might need adjustment so I will have a look at that over the next few months but I'm not panicking yet. I think I am on the right track, it's taken a while to adjust to this new eating plan and I've changed some lifelong habits, it might take just a bit longer to reflect my good work on the scales.

This is forever. I am embarking on an eating plan that needs to work for the rest of my life, so if my body only wants to lose a pound a month then perhaps that's just how it's going to be. It's no point restricting calories too much or I won't be able to sustain it.

As my mindfulness teacher Karen says, in her beautiful Dublin accent, to get from point A to point B first you have to be at A. I am at A and I am being at A. I am knowing my body, knowing food and knowing what exercise I enjoy and what fits in with my lifestyle.

I am being at A for another month, and that's ok. I haven't gained, I have done really well. I got through this month without alcohol, without sweets, without relying on chocolate, without takeaways. I have done really well. I must let the fact a mechanical measuring advice hasn't reflected my good work.

I will make the following changes for this month:-

* drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours (that I'm awake)
* reduce my porridge size to a small bowl
* add more protein to my diet
* reduce nut butters
* more careful lunch planning

As well as my walking I've added resistance exercise too. I know I probably need more high intensity exercise but at the moment I think I am asking for injury doing that until my fitness and joint stability improves. I will continue to aim for 5-7 k walking a day plus 3 resistance sessions a week.

Being extremely obese the rules are different. I don't have 1 stone or even 3 stone to lose, I have 6. I need to stay calm and considered and focussed.

But I still had a cry. I'm only human. 


  1. You are embarking on such an amazing journey and I am really enjoying the photos of what you are eating and how you are changing habits for good. Keep at it. You are amazing. Also, I can recommend Chia seeds to sprinkle on porridge, they are high in protein and omega 3.

  2. I think that you have done brilliantly over the past month - I think you have made a lot of positive and maintainable changes,
    I don't weigh myself because I can't stand to feel disheartened, or on the other hand feel that I've done well enough for a 'treat' which then throws me off track.
    Well done to you xxx

  3. *hugs* It's a marathon not a sprint and all that. You're doing really well, please try not to be disheartened

  4. Chia are a massive part of my diet now. I have them on porridge or make them into pudding. I have noticed that I have really strong nails now, in fact too tough to bite! I love them!